An Unexpected End to Our Journey

By: Dakota Gillespie

Going into our baseball game against Hyde Park in Austin, Texas, we were very excited and maybe a little too confident in our abilities as a team.

Perhaps the outcome would’ve been different if we could’ve rested, and had our ace, second, third, or even fourth main arm fresh. But given the lack of time we had to prepare, every single pitcher was tired, and didn’t have the time to recover from their last session on the bump.

But there are no excuses in baseball. We failed to get our offense started up and that resulted in our final loss.

We played a quality opponent, and we played hard. We held Hyde Park to two runs throughout the entire game, and stopped them from scoring again.

Although we only had one successful hit (a double hit by Blake Maddox) we put the ball in play multiple times. Sadly, there was always a man where we hit! Infield, outfield, bunts–Hyde Park executed every play with discipline.

After the game, we said our final goodbyes to our senior athletes. We lost four total, two of which are continuing on to play college baseball. Blake Maddox, will be playing at Weatherford (Junior College) and Daniel Priddy will be playing at UTSA (University).

We only lost four, and we will be better next season. We will not only be better prepared, but our chances of success will be greater.


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