The End of a Good one

Every year, at the beginning of the school year, we pray for a great year. I also pray for a fast year because no one wants to have a year that drags by. This year was easily the best year I have ever had in school. I was new to Brook Hill but as soon as the year had started, I was quickly accepted by everyone.

Football went great. I came from a school where the football team was terrible so it was quite a transition when I came to Brook Hill and we were expected to win every game we played.  The goal wasn’t simply to win some games and make playoffs, the goal was to bring home a state title. Our team made quite the run but came up just short. Even though we didn’t win state, I got close to some guys that have made a world of difference in my life.

Baseball was also great. We were young so we weren’t as  experienced as most teams. We had a somewhat rough year but fought our way into the playoffs and suddenly played like a whole new ball club. We played with fire and urgency and beat the snot out of our opposing team in the first round. We proved everyone wrong and made it two rounds deep in the playoffs.

Of course, sports aren’t the only thing about our school that I am proud of. Our school was put through adversity this year. We lost two members of our Brook Hill family. I wasn’t close to either but the loss was felt throughout the school. We pulled together and I have never been a part of anything like it. Our school prayed and prayed and prayed. Even though it hurt and the pain was unreal, we could feel God doing big things through our school. Satan was doing all he could but it just wasn’t enough to tear down our Brook Hill family.

I have met some outstanding people this year and made some great memories. The one big thing I will take away is that we really are a family here at Brook Hill. It’s not just a slogan around here. It’s how we live our lives.


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