The Return Of the Zapolskyys

by: Janet Nwachukwu

The Zapolskyy are coming to Tyler for an extended stay. They will arrive sometime this month, so a week ago the girls and boys Brook Hill soccer teams, as well as Grace Community boy’s soccer team, had the opportunity to fix a place for them to stay. The house Pasha’s family will be staying in was generously given to them by the Hunters, a family from Grace Community. Their son was actually a member of Grace’s soccer team and would usually mark Pasha in soccer matches. When they heard about the passing of Pasha they didn’t hesitate to help in any way possible.

Sunday, May 3, the Brook Hill soccer girls and boys met by the boarding house, from where we eventually departed a little after 1:30 PM. Some students rode on the bus, others rode with friends and parents. Before leaving the boarding house, Coach Collins warned the boys not to bring out a soccer ball due to past rivalry between Grace and Brook Hill’s soccer boys.

When we arrived at the cabin we started with a prayer and were off to work. Everything from weeding, mowing, painting, and decorating was done. Several students buddied up and went to different stations, which made things a lot easier and quicker.

After doing all we could we closed in a prayer and headed up to the Hunter’s personal house. Grace boy’s played basketball, Brook Hill played soccer, and a couple others sat in the hammock. Coach Collins’ little one, Josh, jumped into the pool instantly, as did some of Grace’s boys, and me, well not completely. An hour or so later, we were invited to have dinner inside; we ate sandwiches and had cookies for dessert. By this time everyone had their fill and slowly left.


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