On To The Next One

by: Janet Nwachukwu

Last Tuesday, April 21st, the Brook Hill track squad loaded on a bus at six in the morning to compete in our district track meet. We journeyed on a bus, all boys and girls, early in the morning, accompanied by four student-athlete managers (Eddy Briggs, Saahir Khawaja, Charlie Niles, and Brianna Crenshaw) as well as five coaches, (Coach Ray, Coach Clements, Coach Joe, Coach Becky and Coach Kay).

When we finally arrived at our destination Prince of Peace in Dallas, the Lord decided to put a spin on things and adjust the weather just a little. This minor change had a major effect because we were delayed several hours, requiring us to stay longer than planned. After the storm passed over, we all rushed out to the fields and track to complete our events.

This very track meet determined who would qualify for regionals, only the top four places in each event would be moving forward. In high jump, our very Maddi Travis holds the first place position, moving on regionals. Joining her at regionals was Blessing Kima, Kaitlyn Flora, Mariah Rogers, and Avery Langemerie for the 4×200. Also joining them will be Malik Alley throwing the shot put. Tyrone Brown, Kris McCune, Victor Loolo, and Jacob Dumensdil will be racing in the 4×100, as well as some in their individual races.

These students competed in the regional track meet this past Thursday, some making it to the next round and, unfortunately, some not. However, these numerous great athletes won’t stop now; they continue to strive for greatness and I tell you will succeed.


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