Lone Survivor: A Movie of the Century

I have seen tons of movies over the years yet none quite compare to Lone Survivor. I have never been in combat, nothing even close. Sure I have played paintball or had an airsoft war, but never the intensity that a true combat mission carries. I think director Peter Berg did an outstanding job at capturing a high intensity  and making the film seem like a true battle.

Mark Wahlberg does an excellent job as the Marcus Luttrell. Throughout the movie he is depicted as the guy that all the other soldiers look up to. So it is no surprise when he is the “Lone Survivor.”

The movie runs 121 minutes, which may seem a little long, but as soon as the movie is underway, you will not want it to end. Lone Survivor is pretty much two hours of pure action and gunfights. It is very little boy, and every grown man’s dream.

The rating of Lone Survivor is R. I can say that honestly R is a good rating for the movie. The language is strong and at times very vulgar. It’s war so it is kind of what you expect. That is part of the reason it seems so real to most viewers. There is a lot of blood and gore also. That may have a lot to do with the rating being R. Still, if I can handle it, it doesn’t require too strong of a stomach to see.

Overall, the actors in Lone Survivor did an excellent job at portraying their characters. I can’t complain one bit in any way, shape, or form.

Lone Survivor is easily one of the greatest action movies I have ever seen. It causes one to really stop and appreciate what our soldiers go through. I recommend everyone see the movie. It will not disappoint you.


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