How the vietnamese view the Vietnam war

by DK.YU

U.S. Army

U.S. Army

Last weekend, we celebrated 40th anniversary of the end of the end of Vietnam War. Here at Brook hill School we have some vietnamese students in our school. I thought it would be a great opportunity to ask these students what they think about the war.

Forty years ago, more than one million soldiers were killed in the war. More than 58,000 American lost their lives in the Vietnam War. At the same time,Vietnamese teenager have never seen their grandparents.Because they died in the war. This is terrible experience for these two countries. With such loss, it is easy to assume that the two countries would hate each others.

But when asked a Vietnam student and did some research online. The answer actually gave me a surprise.  I asked Charlotte who is one of vietnamese student: “ Do you guys still hate American government?’’ said by me. She responsibility : “No, of course not. This war happened long time ago. We already forgot all the sins.  Across the history, we have never thought a it was  all American people’s fault. I believed they also wanted peace. But maybe our government had some issue during that time. Now, we don’t talk about this a lot in our conversations.As you know, during the peace time,all the teenagers focus on their own business.

After this conversation, I did research online. Increasing economy has taken and led more students to study in USA. Right now, the Vietnamese international students population is eighth largest in the world.

For most of the students, they have the American dream and want to know the country.

I hope these two countries can develop better relationship and promote the communication between 1


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