Bound for Glory

By: Dakota Gillespie

The Brook Hill baseball team has had quite a few challenges to face this year, but faced them no matter how big or small, as a team, and with confidence. April 30th, Brook Hill faced off against two opponents that were determined and had a good chance of winning the game.

In the first game Brook Hill played Bishop Gorman, coached by Paige Hodges, to advance into the final game before the playoffs. Both teams fought hard, and the game stayed close until late in the game, until Brook Hill had a break through. The final score was 9-2 Brook Hill.

Not too long after, Brook Hill faced off against another opponent that had beaten them in the regular season, Legacy Christian. From the very first pitch, a war had started that would not end until the umpires said the magic words “Ball Game”. Back and forth, both teams swung the bat very well, and both teams had excellent pitching.

Brook Hill would score a few runs, then Legacy Christian would fight to take the lead. Neck and neck throughout a long period of time!! Finally Brook Hill had an amazing series of at bats including Jace Kuechle’s double over the right fielders head, and Blake Maddox’s double off the left center wall.

After seven innings had run out, Brook Hill was declared the victor, and made it to the playoffs!!! A much needed victory that couldn’t have been possible without the coaches: Austin Reed, Brock Lemire, and Matt Tatum.

May 1st, Brook Hill will face off against Grapevine Faith for round one of the playoffs at 7:00, and the game for May 2nd will be determined afterwards.


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