Brook Hill Varsity Softball

By Sarah Wegner

Google defines softball as a modified form of baseball played on a smaller field with a larger ball, seven rather than nine innings, and underarm pitching. The game evolved during the late 19th century from a form of indoor baseball.

On April 21, the Brook Hill varsity softball team won yet another game. In recent games our girls have crushed the other teams, besting Gorman 13-3, stomping All Saints 15-1, outlasting Dallas Christian in the 11th to win 2-1, trouncing Legacy Christian 19-2, and overcoming Grace 5-1.

Most recently on April 21, Brook Hill Varsity softball took on Prince of Peace winning by 10 points with a score of 11-1. At this rate we are looking at a heated championship game in May. It’s about to get hot in the softball world, Tuesday, April 28 when Brook Hill plays against Dallas Christian. Tied for first, these teams are both dedicated to winning district.

Some of the varsity girls sat down for a quick comment on how they feel about softball.


Alyssa and Ad smiling at the camera!

Alyssa Duplichain, number 16, has been playing softball since she was four. She’s feisty on the field and tells us the team has apparent chemistry during each game.

Wai Ching, number 4, tells us her favorite part about softball is every moment. She loves everything from the players on the team to the games they compete in. She expects the team to do well in the playoffs and maybe even the state title.

Morgan Moss, number 13, tells us her favorite part about softball is getting out of class early.


Morgan owning the field.

Hope Cooper, number 11, says her favorite part about softball is getting to see coach Springer.

From the constructive practices
to the intense games in the Texas heat our girls refuse to back down. The varsity team is going hard and staying positive, determined to win state. With a mindset like this, nothing can get in their way.


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