By: Dakota Gillespie

Finals. The test of the year to see just how much knowledge the students have acquired throughout the long school year. Although it is only a test of knowledge over a given subject finals mark an important time in every student’s life. The ticket to the next level in the education system lies in each and every student’s grasp; they choose whether or not they utilize the opportunity that is at hand.

As the end of the year comes closer, every student begins to prepare themselves for the final exam(s). This year at Brook Hill our students have roughly a month before we begin testing and the students are working extremely hard to get their grades as high as possible before the final exams.

Students are coming and going, seniors are going to college, juniors are now seniors, a large percentage of students move along onto the next chapter in their lives. Preparing for finals is tough but it is necessary to receive the much needed life skills that will be used after students are released into the real world.

Finals at Brook Hill last all week; two finals are scheduled every school day, and after the last exam the students are released for summer vacation.

The staff at Brook Hill encourages all the students to work harder than ever before because they too know how important these exams are for the students’ futures.



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