The Fast and Furious Seven

by Dk .Yu

These days, the very famous Hollywood action movie —Fast and Furious Seven has come out. This is the seventh movie of ‘The Fast and the Furious’  franchise.The film stars are Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster. This movie takes  all of the network public opinion and entertainment information space on the newspaper. The movie earned $60,000,000 dollars in North America during one week. Several other countries made the huge viewing boom. For example, in only one day the Furious Seven made 400,000,000 Yuan in China. For this great movie, if you try to talk with other people about movie details but you haven’t seen the movie, you are not a Furious movie fan. After the movie we should know five things.

No 1: Paul Walker,  one of the most important characters  died on September, 2014. Then the whole movie’s shooting went into the mire. The lucky thing is he finished half of the action shooting. But the director still had to change the whole movie conclusion, to give Paul a good way to leave the movie.

No 2 : For the  ‘Fast And Furious Seven’ , they designed a new story because of Paul’s death,  which totally changed the entire movie.

No 3 : During the movie shooting time, they wanted to make the action as real as possible. So they used more than three hundred cars and destroyed 230 cars. Some of them didn’t completely get destroyed. They have destroyed these cars to make sure that they wouldn’t have any safety problems.

No 4 : The Furious Seven’s story is connected with the Furious Three’s story. It talks about the characters trying find who killed Han.

No 5:   The theme song— ‘See You Again’ was written to pay tribute to Paul and the MV shows Paul’s past action. At the end of this movie, Paul and Vin choose different streets in an attempt to explain he was passed away and to commemorate this.

Even if you didn’t watch these movies, now you still can talk about these details to catch and understand the public opinion.untitled


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