Knocking it out Early

By Parker Clark

Most people would rather sleep in until an unreasonable hour, but in my opinion, mornings are the best time to get stuff done. There is a reason people get up early to go workout or to go do chores. It is because in the mornings, we tend to do our best work. I feel like this is because we haven’t yet endured the hustle and bustle of the average American day.

Doing something productive in the mornings tends to give us a sense of self-confidence, or maybe it gives us a sense of pride. Whatever it is, it helps get the day started.

One has probably heard the phrase, “Win the Day.” Nobody has ever “won the day” by sleeping in and getting that extra hour or two of sleep. To win the day, one needs confidence. Setting a goal or task every morning and accomplishing it is a way to build confidence and to help win the day.

To me, it is so much easier for me to get up early in the morning and knock out the task I have set for the day. I feel like once I have done that, my day has already been “won” and has already been started off right. Overall, I just feel better and more energized. I used to be the guy that put everything off until the afternoon, but I found that after school and after baseball or football practice, I just don’t have the same energy and same drive I have in the morning before school.

Some people are different. I understand that. Maybe mornings just aren’t their thing. But for me, mornings are when you really “win the day.” And by getting up and accomplishing all the self-appointed task one might make for themselves, I feel like they will have an overall better day.


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