The Weight Of A Voice

by: Janet Nwachukwu

Every year at The Brook Hill School the upper school students, faculty and staff gather together for a week period in celebration of the Resurrection. This is otherwise known as the Resurrection week. The Resurrection of Jesus is a common Christian belief that after dying on the cross for the sins of others; Jesus rose from the dead.

Throughout this week we as a school and family are called to worship and praise of our Lord and personal savior. We are called to chapel everyday this week, which is special because we normally meet only once a week.

Our guest speaker for this Resurrection week is a man who has experienced the Lord’s unconditional love and unending mercy so much he dances at the sound of his name. His name is Keron Jackson.

Keron Jackson struggled growing up– his father had no interest in his life because he already had two children and that is all he wanted. His father asked his mother to abort him but she didn’t. Keron’s parents died when he was young, forcing him to become independent at a young age. He had gone through so much and could barely see the light anymore, but just when he thought things could only get worst they turned around. God placed him in the hands of people that would not only love him and give him things but also not ask for anything in return. Even when things were going well for Keron he found it too good to be true… and he let the devil tempt him. He was on the road one day and an evil spirit over came him, but even then the Lord said, “no this is my creation.” Keron’s testimony is to live out the word of God and share his own experiences with others so that we know God is alive and is working to accomplish the plan that he has for us. Keron is not perfect, and before God he was more broken than anyone could imagine; constantly he would find himself blaming God for the faults he had come across in his life. But God never turned his back on him. God only loved him more and more, and gave him more and more opportunities to glorify him.

As we went on through that week we learned more and more about Keron and ourselves and got to glorify the Lord for all His great doings. I know it is so crazy to even think that good can come from any evil or storm in our lives but that’s the crazy thing about God. You can’t see Him, you can’t feel Him, but you only trust Him. Trust that every single detail and aspect of our lives is planned according to the life He has planned for us. My heart is at ease knowing that what is meant for me will never miss me, and what misses me was never meant for me. So just trust and believe that if it seems no one’s got you, God has got you.



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