Resurrection Week

By Sarah Wegner

At Brook Hill, we observe Resurrection Week each year during the week leading up to Easter Sunday. The purpose of the week is to set aside a special time to remember and recognize Jesus and his sacrifice for his people. This year’s Resurrection Week was March 30 to April 2.


Throughout the week, as a BH community we participate in a daily chapel and worship services. There are special events after school, such as pancake dinners and open mic coffee nights, to spend time and bond with our classmates. On Thursday as a school we go out and help others and do community service.


Mr & Mrs. Brooks leading us in worship.


This week is significant because as a school we talk about the good works of Jesus Christ, how his life was spent on earth, and how we can reflect that in our life. The pastor opens to the students and faculty and the faculty openly shares their story to the students and the student body responds. Through the worship and the daily messages we see how we all make mistakes and we all fall short in the glory of God but God has a plan for each and every one of us. God sent his son Jesus down to earth to live a life of innocence and die on the cross for our sins, but that’s not it! He rose again three days later to show us that through him there is eternal life.

Pastor Keron hanging with the girls.

Pastor Keron hanging with the girls.


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