SPARC with Mr. Moore

by Parker Clark

While other schools are going back to school after spring break, Brook Hill participates in SPARC week. For SPARC, many different trips are offered as options for students to take, as well as local classes here in Bullard.

Instead of taking a trip somewhere, I chose to stay in Bullard and take a class offered by Mr. Moore about the topic of sex and relationships. This wasn’t your typical sexual education class, though. There were only three people in the class: Me,Chase Moore ( we call him Stig), and Cade Wofford. When I first showed up, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know if this would be a class full of emotions and feelings or a class full of awkward laughs and giggles. Turns out, it was both.

Everyone knows how awkward the typical “sex talk” is, especially one on one or in a small group. So instead of just talking about sex, Mr. Moore had us read a book. The book covered the topic in strong detail and with less awkwardness than any “sex talk” could have. I am not a reader, but I really enjoyed the book. The class also watched movies. We analyzed the relationships certain characters in the movies had with their significant other and discussed whether it was appropriate or not based on the criteria the book had set for the reader.

We didn’t just confine ourselves to the classroom though. We went to lunch every day. That was my favorite part of the class. Not only eating, but having conversations within the group was fun. I really enjoyed getting closer to everyone in the class, including Mr. Moore.

I really enjoyed SPARC week this week. I have never been a part of something like this, and I was glad Mr. Moore was able to take an awkward topic and make it easy to discuss.


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