Spring 2015

By Sarah Wegner

During SPARC week many students traveled America, bonded with classmates and made memories that will last a lifetime. Meanwhile, the majority of the boarding students took the opportunity to stay with their families for an extra week. So I, being a boarding student, stayed in the beautiful KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) for one more amazing week.

Thanks to jetlag, I was up almost every morning way before the birds. But that was entirely okay with me because that meant every morning I got to watch a breath-taking sunrise over the beautiful beach. The weather was perfect! When it wasn’t raining and the waters were calm, my friends and I took advantage of the spring weather and went paddle boarding and had a beach photo shoot.

Since my dad worked all week and my sister was still in school, my mom and I found things to do around the house like painting and rearranging my room! We took a taxi into town and ordered food and had movie nights. I also got to drive the golf cart around to drop off my sister and pick her up everyday. Our golf cart is actually speedy fast and we may or may not have had a few races!


My dad and I riding in the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

Once the weekend finally arrived, we hopped in a car and traveled to the great country of Bahrain. We went shopping and exploring. As a family we also went to a water park and had the whole park to our selves. It was amazing! But the water was still kind of cold. On other weekends, we went motorcycling in the desert on a racetrack my dad had built over four years ago from the previous time we lived there! It was a blast! We only had limited time to do stuff on the weekend because everything closes five times a day for prayer but we were able to make the best of it.

I loved being home, sleeping in my own bed, and eating amazing home-cooked meals. This spring break and SPARC week was perfect. Just like those who made memories on SPARC, my family and I bonded more than ever before, and that’s everything I could ask for.


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