BH Baseball is Underway

by Parker Clark

Baseball season is underway at The Brook Hill School. Practices started early in January, so we have been practicing for about a month. The practices have been boring, long, and cold. But we have put in the time and we put in the work and now we are looking to put in a good season.

As far as a team, we are really young. During one of our first tournaments, our entire infield was freshmen. Although we are young, we have talent and most importantly, we have leadership from our few upper classmen. The upperclassmen are going to step up and lead by example.

We understand that our team is not a team that will hit homers every at-bat. We also understand that we do not have anyone who throws heat. Coming to the realizations early in the season, we understand that we have to execute and do the little things right. If we do the little things right, we will be a successful ball club.

During the first tournament, we did not play to our advantage at times. We made a lot of mental mistakes. We had poor at-bats, poor defense, and poor intensity.

The first game we played a big 5A school. We played them close the entire ballgame even with all the mistakes made. If we do the little things right, maybe we will pull out a win.

Our second game was awful. We couldn’t seem to get anything going with the bats and couldn’t throw strikes. When we did throw strikes, they hit the ball and they hit it hard. Naturally we couldn’t make a play.

We got stoked. After the game we had a heart-to-heart. We got our minds right. We rethought our approach to the game and why we wanted to be there.

The last game we played, we dominated. Everyone hit the ball hard. Everyone ran the bases correctly. We did the little things right and ended up run-ruling our opponent.

Honestly, it isn’t going to be an easy year. We are going to have to play small ball and play defense behind our pitchers. Even still, with leadership out of our upperclassmen, our young team will be a successful ball team this year.


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