American Sniper Review

By Michael Kirkpatrick

The new action packed drama, American Sniper, about the life of Chris Kyle gives us a front seat view of what it is to be a solder fighting in the Middle-East. Bradley Cooper plays the role of Chris Kyle and after watching I can’t picture anyone else playing him. Directed by Clint Eastwood, we are shown that after you are done acting you are not necessarily finished making movies.

Clint Eastwood stared in over 70 films including The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; A Fist Full of Dollars; and Two Mules for Sister Sara. American Sniper is his 37th movie to direct. And I have to say he did not hold back.

The movie opens with a boy being handed an IED (improvised explosive devise) by his mother and is told to run at a convoy of American soldiers. Kyle is faced with a problem: he has to decide whether what the boy has really is an IED and if so he has to kill him. The movie gives us several scenarios where things are not necessarily “sunshine and roses,” showing us that what problems we deal with are not the worst and are not the only problems that anyone is having.

Out of ten I would give the movie a nine. The only reason I would not give it a ten is because the movie seemed to end early. The movie spoke to me. I hope you have the opportunity to hear what it has to tell you.


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