A Blessing in Disguise

By Sarah Wegner

Moving to Brook Hill was just the beginning of my new adventure. On, August 13, 2014, I packed up my room, hopped in a mini van with my family, and from there we began our journey to Bullard, Texas.

Now, you are probably wondering Why the heck were you going to Bullard? Well, previously my dad landed a job in Saudi Arabia flying helicopters and they were scheduled to leave mid October.

Why the heck didn’t you go with them? Well, you see I would have loved to go with them, but the high school in Saudi Arabia only goes up to 9th grade, so after graduating, every student transfers to the boarding school of their choice.

Why didn’t you study in England or Switzerland or some exotic amazon? Oh, trust me, it did cross my mind. But that would have meant leaving my friends and my extended family–and parting from my immediate family was already enough. As for my brother, he also stayed in Texas finishing his senior year and traveling across America chasing his dream of being a professional motocross athlete. Moving to Brook Hill wasn’t really what I wanted to do but I didn’t really have another suitable choice.

First semester was not too hot for me. So for a while my brother would take a four-hour drive just to come pick me up for the weekend. He was so sweet. I wasn’t too fond of the food and after awhile I just got fed up with a lot of things. I was always looking at the negative side.

I went to my grandma’s house for Thanksgiving break and I didn’t want to leave. I contemplated switching schools and staying at her house or living with a friend and returning to my old school. None of those plans actually worked. So back to Brook Hill I went.

Then, right around the corner came Christmas break, thank God! Andrew, my brother, and I flew across the world to see my mom, dad, and sister. Visiting Saudi was the most reassuring event anyone could ever ask for. It was like a fabulous retreat from Brook Hill. (I suppose you should know that four years ago we lived in Saudi and moved back to Texas… worst mistake ever. But now we are located in Saudi again!) So I reconnected with my old graduating class and we had such a blast. We went bowling, did bonfires, beach parties, and anything else you could think of. I also got to see my mom and dad, which was super nice because it had been five months since I had seen them and being 16 is when a girl needs her parents the most (even if girls doesn’t want to admit it).

After the two weeks was over, it was time to come back to Brook Hill. Returning for second semester I came with a totally different mindset. So far this semester has been great. I have been blessed to live and to adapt to the different cultures living under one roof in the boarding house. Though sometimes we have disagreements, I realize that Brook Hill is just a blessing in disguise. Moving to Brook Hill was just the beginning of my new adventure.



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