There and Back Again. Girls Soccer Team Playoffs

by: Janet Nwachukwu

Saturday, February 14. Valentines Day.  The Varsity Girls Soccer Team traveled to Austin to compete in our first playoff football match, whereas people all over the world were either spending time with their loved ones or binging on food because their loved one left them.

The journey was eight hours long: four hours going and four hours coming back. We crammed on the tiny white Brook Hill bus at 7:45 in the morning and were off at around 8:00 am.

At approximately 12:00 pm we arrived in Austin, and by 2:00 we had kick off. By half time we were losing 0-2, and in the second half we turned things around and came back with 3-2, and won the game. Our very own defender, Ari Assad, scored off a corner kick. She was luckily in the right spot at the right time. Katherine Stair scored in the box in the middle of the second half. Later from the outside, Hope Cooper chipped the soccer ball in the right corner of the goal and made our last and game-winning goal.

Our incredible sophomore goalie, Heather Mclarry, a transfer from Brownsborro, had several amazing saves during the game.

Unfortunately this was our last win of the season, too.

On Tuesday, February the 16th, we competed in our very last soccer game of the season at Grace. We all came out with the mindset that “anything is possible, and can be done if you put your mind to it.” But by the end of the first half of the game, we were down 0-2—like Saturday’s game, and it only went downhill from then on. This was not our game, but it certainly was our last.

If there is anything I learned about soccer it is that sometimes you have to fail to succeed. You have to be able to take a loss to enjoy a win.


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