Dress Code: Limiting Students

By Parker Clark

In my opinion, dress code is something that holds students back. Each and every day kids throughout the country go to school, sit through class, do their homework, maybe go to practice, then go home. They carry out this same schedule each and every day. It becomes a drag when its always the same.

According to Answers.com, twenty-four percent of American schools–both public and private–require a dress code for their students. While there is some good that comes out of a dress code, like student behavior, personal liberties, and limiting distractions, some people feel like there are bad things too.

In my opinion, dress code limits the self-expression of a student. Day in and day out they wear the same thing. As a nation, we pride ourselves on individuality. How much individuality can one have if they are wearing the exact same thing as 500 other kids? Or how can one know who they are as a person if they are not allowed to experiment with different styles? They can’t. It’s that simple. One would never know that their fellow classmate may be a cowboy or may be a fratty person or even a fan of the Texas Rangers. Uniforms limit the creativity and personality of students.

Sure, dress code may help improve behavior of some students, but it may harm others’ behaviors. When someone who has always had free range with what they wear to school is suddenly cast into a situation in which they must wear a uniform, they may experience somewhat of a culture shock. The restrictions of clothes and options may cause them to want to rebel. Over time, the small acts of rebellion may eventually lead to larger acts.

There are many ways to avoid putting a dress code into act. Simply disciplining the children could do all the uniforms are supposed to do. I’m not saying that uniforms cause bad behavior, but I feel like limiting students’ personal freedoms may lead to behavior problems. Therefore a dress code should not be required.





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