By Sarah Wegner

Words, sentences, even paragraphs flash across the screen, pitching an attack of gossip, rumors, and insults. A tweet, Facebook post, snap chat story, text–a line or two is all it takes to ruin someone’s image and self esteem, bringing them to tears. With the expansion of technology and social medial over the years, stealing someone’s lunch money is no longer the worst thing out there anymore. Although taking someone’s money or shoving them to the ground is an obvious sign of harassment, with no evidence of abuse, cyber bullying doesn’t normally come to the surface until it’s far too late.

Social media platforms were created to keep in touch and follow friends and families as they travel the world or even just make a simple post about a fancy dinner they attended. Millions of people rely on these networks to foster friendships and pursue their passions. Many people also use social media for networking for job interviews, for research projects, and for entertainment. Anyone that has something to say can use a social media site to get his or her words out, trusting it would be immediately sent to the attended audience. The freedom to say whatever you want is the greatest and worst contribution to the society.

But irresponsible people have decided to use social media to lie, scam, attack, and to hurt others in countless ways. It’s easy to post a hurtful remark, knowing one doesn’t have to look the victim in the face. An unintentional tweet or comment may or may not be cyber-bullying, but that doesn’t make it any less hurtful. The ease of sending words into cyberspace blurs the line between public and private, personal amusement and straight-up attacking another person. Both genders are committing suicide everyday for mistakes they made in the past that others refuse to drop and are determined to ruin the future of the suspect. Whatever you want to call it, whatever the definition, the results are real.

Being pushed to your limits is no fun for anyone and telling someone to go kill him- or herself–or even just saying he or she is not beautiful–can stab someone in the heart. The person on the receiving end could be having a bad day and a vicious or just mean tweet about them could push them over the edge, ending their life.

Bullying is hurtful, whether physical or cyber. People should have the right to live peacefully without somebody interrogating them about their characteristics, appearance, or what happened in their past. Modern technology has become a harmful weapon that people are using as revenge or karma.

No matter if it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, bullying is bullying. Though it may seem less real when hidden behind a screen, the results are as solid as can be. There is no doubt the internet has become part of our everyday life; people just need to be responsible with the technology and not be taking advantage of it or using it to take advantage of other people.


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