A Brief Summary of the Evolution of Humanity


By: Dakota Gillespie

Humanity has come a very long way on its journey that will eventually have to end, but hopefully not any time soon. Not only have humans evolved intellectually but technologically also.Ape_skeletons

From cars, to planes, to type writers, to laptops, to smart TVs you–name it–humanity has created a strong foundation to build on.250px-The_Flintstones

Starting back in the good old days when technology didn’t exist, humans started to wise up and try to make their life better with creations and ideas.

Before metal was able to be produced for cutting and there were no types of measurements that could be used for construction, yet we humans still made due.

Hundreds of years later we had discovered how to produce electricity which led to AC, light, refrigerators, freezers, Wi-Fi and so on.wifi-router

Technology has become a part of many people’s lives in modern day society. A number of teens have phones, laptops, cars, and other things that aren’t necessary in day to day life.

Although we humans are not all-knowing, we are intellectual beings that learn to adapt to our environments so that we may survive.

There are still millions of discoveries that need to be made, and being the way that we are and were created to be, we will always want to strive for perfection and attempt to achieve success by accomplishing whatever we set our mind to.


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