Movie Review–“If I Stay”

By Sarah Wegner

The tearjerker If I stay came out November 18, 2014. The film is based on the romantic novel written by Gayle Forman winning the best selling novel in 2009. The film follows Mia Hall, a young 16 year old girl who is faced with an out of body experience when her family has a fatal car crash. While she is in a coma, she must chose between life or death.

During high school, Mia had fallen in love with music and the sweet sound of the cello and her musical boyfriend, Adam. They went on many adventures as they went to symphonies for her and concerts and after parties for him. Mia is waiting for her acceptance letter to Julliard when the radio announces that schools are closed for the day due to heavy snow. Denny, her father, suggests that they take a family car ride and at first Mia refuses until her mother tells her she can pick the music. So they all hop in the car listening to Beethoven. Mia is looking back on her past to the first time she had fallen in love with the cello and how she borrowed one from the school and practiced for hours and hours, driving her parents crazy. Even though they were going nuts, they were still very proud of her and bought Mia her very own cello. Just as Mia was thinking how life can be one thing and can become something else, a car swerves in front of their car, colliding.

Her family is rushed to the hospital and sent straight for testing. Not knowing what is going on she over hears the doctors saying there is no hope for her father because had died on scene. She hops in the ER van traveling to the hospital. Soon after, she finds out her mother could not survive and if Mia and her brother were to wake up they would be waking up orphans. She reminisces through her past and what she had to live for as the doctors reassure her that if she is going to live it is up to her.

This film created an atmosphere of love, agony, and intimacy. If I Stay has been rated a four out of five by most people due to the ending and not being realistic. I would also rate this a four out of five because some scenes seem unreal to me. So if you are looking for a heart-warming, charming, sensitive, romantic movie to tug at your heart, then go see If I Stay and bring a box of tissue!


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