Brook Hill Boarding Students’ Daily Life

by Yu Talifu

At Brook Hill high school, we have two different student groups. One group is American day students. The other group is boarding students. There are eighty boarding students from sixteen countries. So today, I want to talk about the boarding students’ daily life.

The most important part of the boarding program is boarding parents. As you know, boarding students don’t have family around them. It is difficult to manage all the boarding students without their parents. We are all from different cultures and we all have a lot of problems and difficulties. For example, I still remember the first time I came to the boarding house. I didn’t know how to use a dishwasher. This is not big deal. But every international student may have these questions.

We have four boarding parents. There is one set of parents for each house. Their job is to take care of us like they are our parents. Every morning, they come to wake us up. Every evening around eleven they also tell us go to bed. After class, if we want to go shopping, the boarding parents take us. This is helpful for every student. The boarding parents don’t try ruling or controlling us. They treat us like their own kids. They like to listen to us and they take, and give, advice. One day, I asked my boarding parents. I said: “You know, the Asian students really need to get some noodles from the Asian Market, because our school doesn’t support too many noodles”. Then one week later,my boarding mom took us to the Asian market in Dallas.

Boarding parents also plan activities for us. We go to some interesting places around Tyler. We go to the movie theatre every month, and we have a mall trip every week. There is also the Tyler State Park trip twice a year.



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