The Rundown

by Bailey Bickerstaff

Since the second semester school has just started to pick up, you would think that events might be slow at Brook Hill. Not so, my friend, not so. Here at Brook Hill we’ve been rocking and rolling all through the break, whether it be sports, the arts, or social events. So since you’ve been dying to know, here’s a quick rundown of all the excitement that’s driving our student body.


Brook Hill men’s and women’s teams dominated against Dallas Shelton last Friday the 16th. All JV and Varsity teams won against the Chargers. The men dominated in conference play with a score 72-43 under the leadership of Jacob Agnew. The girls also won with a score of 36-33 under the leadership of Coach Ivan Johnson.


Women’s soccer has been on a roll lately, winning against Dallas Christian with a score of 4-1 January 19th. Though the ladies fought hard against Grace Community School, they lost 3-2 on the 17th. The men’s team has been equally as deadly, losing only two games this season. Both teams are under the leadership of Coach David Collins.


The Brook Hill fine arts department is entering new territory this spring. Director Glenn Ballard announced recently that the department has received permission to perform the new Broadway musical Mary Poppins. The cast was announced last week, with Claire Dixon playing the lead. The cast list saw a drastic change, as a lady has been cast as Bert. Taylor Armstrong, a sophomore, has been cast as the male lead. There is speculation upon whether the character Bert will be adopted into a girl, or if Taylor will play a male character. Are we seeing a new era of feminism at Brook Hill? Only time will tell, readers.


Ah, tis the season of hormones and awkward situations. Winter formal is just around the corner, February 7th. The dance, chaired by Hope Cooper and the student council, is themed Winter Wonderland and has been dubbed as a “girls ask guys” dance.  The dance will be held at Kiepersol’s event barn.



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