America’s Past Time: The Start

by Parker Clark

It’s that time of year again. Baseball season. This will be my first time to jersey up as a Guard and  I’m excited.

Practices started up Monday and they are intense. Coach Lemire runs a tight practice so that everyone stays involved. It is definitely a grind though going through three hour practices six days a week. The drills aren’t necessarily the same drills every day, but they are drills and drills are easily the most boring thing on God’s green earth to any baseball player you ask. The drills get boring.

The constant throwing puts a strain on your arm and by the end of the week your arm feels like a noodle. Most of us haven’t conditioned since football season so we are worn out by the end of conditioning. After a long day of school and possibly a workout, no one wants to go to a three hour baseball practice. It is a grind no doubt. It will all be worth it though, come Valentines weekend when we play our first game.

We are looking to come out and do the little things right. Although we lack big arms and are battling the injury bug, as a team we can pull together, execute and should be able to pull out a win. We are looking to have a great year and make a run deep into the playoffs. We are going to play the game the right way and respect the game of baseball. Come out and watch if you are looking to see a team that plays the game hard and with a purpose.


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