Violence in Video Games

By: Michael Kirkpatrick

A question commonly asked about the current generation of teens is, do the video games that they play make them more violent in real life? To answer this question I found a poll of a high school to see how many people played violent games and then their opinions on what kind of effect that it has on them.

I discovered that almost 90 percent of the high school students do play violent games. Although only 10 percent of those say that it could affect them in any way other than their time. This told me that from the players’ point of view the games were none other than a way to spend their downtime and nothing else.

Next I wanted to look at why people believed these games would cause violence in real life. The number one reason is just the fact that the game revolves around violence and that it numbed teens that played them to the point they didn’t find killing shocking or upsetting.

After trying to find what’s really behind the some people’s violent tendencies which we attribute to video games. I have come up with my personal opinion. I would say that the violence that teens are so influenced by is not from the games that are played but by the wars and terrorism that is happening in the world. We have come to know this violence because it is on the news we watch and in the conversations people have. Violence is an inevitable fact of humanity that cannot be avoided. Our only hope is to be aware of what it is and why it’s wrong.


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