The New Faces of the Girls Varsity Soccer Team

by Janet Nwachukwu

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no… it’s the Varsity Girls Soccer Team and we’re back, the two time consecutive winners of the State Championship.

But, with the heavy loss of seniors, the girls’ soccer team is quite nervous of what the future has in store for them. The question right now is to win or not to win?

Last year we graduated Kennedy Rose, Kendall Wells, Hayden Langemeier, and several other seniors.

However, Coach Collins scouted out a couple new girls, and we are hoping to build a new team with them.

Julia Hardiman, a freshman, is one of the new soccer players. She’s a transfer from Grace Community School, who was seeking a change in her school atmosphere so decided on Brook Hill. She found that her previous rival school was a good school to join.

She’s been playing soccer ever since she was four years old, and currently still plays soccer in and out of school. She plays a center-mid position.

When asked how she feels about playing on the two-time consecutive winning state championship team, she said, “I’m excited. I feel like I have higher standards, but am honored to be part of the Brook Hill Varsity Soccer Team.”

She says it’s going to be a lot more difficult because we’ve lost so many players, but if we work hard enough she thinks we can make it to State again.

Senior Keren Wallace is also a transfer to Brook Hill School.

She is from the Dominican Republic. She and her sister Kate Wallace joined the Brook Hill student body because of the job offer their mother received at Brook Hill about a year ago. Keren has been playing soccer since she was five years.

She says she feels great to be part of such an amazing team and thinks we are definitely capable of winning State for a third time. Since the first practice she has believed we’re a strong team and that we’ve already have come a long way from day one.

Returning student and strong attribute to the varsity girls soccer team, Ari Assad, says that, “Anything is possible; if we set our minds to it we can accomplish anything.”

Ari, pronounced A-rrrr-re, is from California. She is the one and only child from the Assad family. She has been playing soccer ever since she could move her feet. When asked how she feels about the new team members, after a long pause, she said, “There’s potential and talent, but we just need to work on it.”

As one of the members of the varsity girls’ soccer team myself, I think it’s important to remember that we are one. We’re going to lose some and win even more, but win or lose, we do it as a team.

When you lose something you gain something better. We lost some great players, but we gained some greater players this year. It’s not about how strong an individual player is, it’s about how strong we are as a team.

When we learn that one player alone cannot do anything without everyone else, we will fully understand the concept of soccer.


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