The A-Team

By Parker Clark

Thanksgiving break is full of great food and great times with friends and family. At my house it is a tradition for my mom to go to Dallas and shop on Black Friday while my dad and I go to the deer lease and hunt all weekend.

This year my dad said I could take a friend, so I called Seth. I had heard many stories about Seth’s hunting experiences. Now this is Seth Brasher we are talking about, so his credibility is definitely questionable. Needless to say, I was somewhat excited to see how this hunting trip would pan out.

When we arrived to the deer lease around 3 o’clock, we talked to the legendary Larry Jack Jones. He gave us some advice that should probably never leave the deer lease but may carry us through life. We sat around for about an hour and then decided to go get on the deer stand. After parking in the brush, Seth got tangled, and being crippled with a torn ACL, he nearly fell to the ground with a loaded .308. Finally, we got settled into the deer stand. We had literally been sitting in the stand for five minutes when I saw a black deer rifle easing past my head. Seth proceeded to explain that he was just looking, and that his binoculars were a tad blurry. Naturally, in his mind, the next best thing was the scope on his rifle. I mean seriously, who sticks their loaded rifle right past their buddy’s head out of the deer stand?

About an hour into our hunt, we began to get anxious. The deer weren’t moving so we hadn’t seen anything. Boredom had begun to set in. Suddenly, I see a pale, white hand extend out the window. With Seth’s new iPhone in grasp. And the snapchatting had commenced. We legitimately sat there for an hour rolling in laughter, salty tears flowing at will. Needless to say, I think we saw one deer about 600 yards away… but the entertainment was at an all-time high.

Day two in the blind was similar to day one in the sense that a deer was not harvested. About two hours into the hunt, my dad texted me telling us how he was “stand hopping,” meaning he had been in multiple stands that morning. Seth had never heard the phrase “stand hopping,” so it really appealed to him. It didn’t take long and Seth was ready to “stand hop.” I tried to explain that if we would hang in there the rest of the morning, we would see a deer and that as soon as we got out of the stand a deer would come out.

I eventually gave in and we bailed out of the stand. And, no kidding, I swear on everything, I turned around and there was a buck running off into the brush. Seth proceeded to tell me I was a terrible guide for doing what he wanted. Half way to another stand, we decided to turn around and just go back to where we had been. The morning was a bust.

I had to get home that evening so we only managed to get two hunts in. The hunts were terrible considering the only deer in range was scared off by Seth and his genius plan. Still, all in all, I had fun. I heard multiple stories that had no truth backing them whatsoever. But I got enough laughs that it doesn’t matter. No deer were slain, but I’m ready for next year. Round two.


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