Hong Kong’s Occupy Together Revolution

By DK Talifu

These days, a lot of people ask me what’s happened in Hong Kong and China. Actually, Hong Kong is part of China, but they have the “Occupy Together Revolution’’ in Hong Kong.

What is the “Occupy Together Revolution?” It is a revolution that is pushing for love and peace and to use non-governmental force in the fight for electing a chief executive by universal suffrage in Hong Kong. By 2017, they want to change how the Beijing government elects a chief executive of Hong Kong .

The basic problem is that citizens of Hong Kong want a say in the general election of Hong Kong. They want to influence the government’s type and add democratic strength. People of Hong Kong used to choose the chief executive in council themselves when they belonged to England. Right now, because of government reasons, they have to vote for somebody who is on the Election Committee of Hong Kong. Then, the Election Committee then chooses the chief executive. The people in the Occupy Together Revolution want a more democratic election process.

Dai Yao Ting, an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong led the Occupy Together Revolution in Hong Kong.

At the beginning, the major revolution force was the college students. It is a fact that students are influential. After only a few months, the revolution team had five hundred thousand people join the parade. Hong Kong has a total population of only seven million citizens, so clearly a lot of citizens agree with the movement. They occupied some bustling streets and affected the traffic. Some students didn’t go to school so they could protest the current government and election system. These students called themselves the Umbrella Revolution.

Ah, but the revolution has already come to an end. The leaders came to an agreement with the government and stopped put their efforts to hault. However, the revolution clearly did have an impact on Hong Kong, affecting the finances of Hong Kong and even changing citizens’ daily life. Time will tell how long lasting the efforts of the revolution will be.



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