A Great Season Comes to an End

by Parker Clark

Well, we put in many hours of hard work, tons of sweat and tears, and everything we had in our hearts. We fought like it was our last game every game. But this time it was. We played our final game on Saturday versus Gorman. The loss was out of nowhere; we just weren’t ready to be done. The game was a rough and dirty one. But we never quit, and we never stopped fighting.

One thing I took from the game is that you have to treat every assignment like the season depends on it, because ultimately, it does. At some point in the season, a missed tackle, or a blown coverage, will be what cost a team a promising season and their dreams of earning a state title. It all comes down to doing the little things right. It’s what coach preached, and we just had too many little things go wrong. In the end it wasn’t that we didn’t fight as hard as we could, or that we ever gave up, but the fact that too many little things didn’t go our way.

I’ve learned more from the group of seniors this year than any previous year I’ve played. Every senior gave it all they had all year. The seniors taught me that it doesn’t matter how many points the team is down, with a couple of big stops and a couple of good touchdown drives we could be ball in the ball game. So what I took away from this year’s seniors is the idea that one should always play every down like it is their last, never hang your head when you are down because nothing is impossible, and the point deficit is never too much to stop fighting. Thank you seniors for all you have taught me.

All in all it was a great season. 8-2 is something to be proud of. Which I am. But I’m more proud of how we never stopped fighting, and how we overcame the big injuries we faced all season.




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