Nutchapon—New star of Brook Hill’s Golf Team

By D.K. Talifu

Today, I want talk about Nutchapon, a member of the golf team who helped lead Brook Hill to two State championships, and he also has won lots of personal medals in competition. He is from Thailand. His real name is Nutchapon Pattamakijsakul. It’s kind a long name, so we call him Nut. He has a sister who plays on Texas AM’s golf team.

Nut is a special international student. Other Asian students normally stay in the house and play computer games and finish their homework; they don’t work out a lot outside. Nut is very serious about his major sport and often hangs out with his teammates.

Nut told us: “Golf is part of life.’’ He has played golf for five years.  Because his father is a business man, his father plays a lot of golf and brought Nut to watch the games and eventually taught Nut how to play. Starting out, he just picked up the ball for other people, then he learned some rules about golf. Soon Nut started to be serious about learning golf when he was twelve years old.

Nut has studied at Brook Hill for two years. I asked him what his thoughts were about the Brook Hill golf team. He told me: “this team is like a family and people try to help each other. Not like before in Thailand, where our team only had one goal which is to win the game. I made friends with other teammates—Austin, Matt, Jeffrey, and Web are all my friends. After practice we usually go to a restaurant together. I also want to talk about Coach Moore. He helped me a lot last year when I first came to Brook Hill. When I don’t understand strategy because of my English, he doesn’t  get angry at me for this. He has been patient with me and as friend has helped to improve my skills. In my heart, Couch Moore is a friend, coach, and grandfather to me.”

I asked Nut to talk about the coming season. Do you think the Brook Hill golf team will win  State again? He said: “I don’t know yet, because our first game is in December. I hope we can become champions again. Our team is united and fully reinforced. We’re ready to have another good year.”


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