The Last Goal

By Parker Clark

All year, as a football team, we have set certain goals. All year we have worked hard to accomplish the goals which were set high by our team but also our coaching staff.

First, we wanted to be successful in our pre-district by beating our ranked public school opponent. Our next goal was to win a district championship. We aren’t in an easy district so we knew we would have to take it one game at a time. Every week we competed in practice, focusing on keeping a high intensity. In the end, we were district champs.

The final step is to make a run in the playoffs. A deep run. All the way. In order to achieve this goal in our season, and cross it off our list, we will have to maintain a high intensity, and take each playoff game one play at a time.

Starting tonight at seven, the final goal begins. It is going to be frigid. It is going to hurt when we hit our opponent, but it is what we have worked for all year, starting way back in the pre-season we slogged through lifting weights and conditioning. It is going to be miserable for both teams and both fan bases. But in the end, after we check off the last goal on our list, it will all be worth it. Every last bit of it. The Guard will once again be champions.

Come out and support your Guard. It’s going to be cold so bundle up. Be ready for a high intensity game with tons of excitement. See you there.


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