Just Add Another Day to Our Weekend, Already.

By Parker Clark

About half-way through the first semester, school begins to get really stressful. It becomes a drag and gets to the point where it is miserable to go to. In my opinion the weekend should be extended.

Saturday through Monday, students everywhere should have off from school, adding in a Monday. The extra day would shorten up the stressful work week. Having a longer weekend would allow more time to be free, whether that is to study or hang out with your friends.

The 5/2 school day to weekend ratio just isn’t fair. The week is way too long to just have two days off. You’re free on Saturday but on Sunday you have to plan your day around going to school the next day. So in actuality, the weekend allows one free day to do what you want.

I love going to school and seeing my friends, but I do not love getting up early every day for it. With an extra day of sleep, students would be more alert and would be more enthusiastic to come to school. I’m not saying that we should never have to come to school, but I am saying that giving students an extra day for the weekend would improve grades and enthusiasm for school while reducing stress levels.


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