Halloween Party, Turn Up!

By Sarah Wegner

While others went door to door trick -or -treating, Brook Hill boarding students were at the houses throwing pumpkins at each other.

On Friday, October 31 Brook Hill threw a Halloween party for all the boarding students and day students grades nine through twelve. There was food, music, games, movies, pumpkin painting, drinks, and s’mores! This get together was a great way to get to know our fellow class mates even better!

For starters we had lots of hotdogs, thanks to Mr. Albea, and lots of dessert thanks to the other boarding parents. They made cookies, a festive Halloween cake, haystacks (which is a food containing pretzels), cake balls, brownies, and coconut pops. They also provided chips and fruit.

Afterwards, everyone made their way outside where there were a few activities to choose from. The party host set up a pumpkin toss game and a pumpkin painting station. Many chose to design a pumpkin adding their own cultural elements and uniqueness. Those who chose to play the game won house points for their designated house.

While all the activities were going on we had a few elders starting a nice bonfire for us to sit around and make s’mores. Who could pass that up on a cold night?

As the sun started to fade the night began to get colder, BUT the party wasn’t over yet! Two movies were played,one inside and one outside. The movie played outside was projected onto a trailer making it a nice big screen, while the one inside was  playing in the living room where it was nice and toasty!

Even though some students thought their Halloween traditions were ruined in the beginning, I think they preferred the party after all. There was a lot of dancing throughout the party, with music and fellowship,and in the end most of the students had a great time.

So thank you to everyone who helped prepare and for all their hard work!


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