Touring the Boarding House

by Sarah Wegner & Janet Nwachukwu

Many have wondered what takes place in the girls’ boarding house of the Brook Hill School. Let us be the first to say, not much goes on. In fact, if you idle enough you could pretty much say NOTHING goes on. We live with 40 girls from around the world, including such places as China, America, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Thailand and many others. These 40 girls are divided in half and shared amongst the Albeas and the Murrys, which are considered their “parents.”

The house is still fairly new, but the girls have found many ways to break it in. Let me give you an insight of what goes on behind the doors of this house.





Now, lately the girls have been having a lot of trouble cleaning up after themselves; therefore the parents are threatening TO CLOSE DOWN THE KITCHEN! (Kitchen picture) The kitchen contains a sink, two dish washers, a stove, four massive fridges, three microwaves, and a long counter. The four massive fridges are divided amongst both houses, so one fridge is for the Albeas and the other is for the Murry’s house. Every evening the girls are called to do several chores in this kitchen, which is a complication because nobody wants to work. The kitchen opens at 6:00 in the morning and closes at 10:00 in the evening. The main rule is whatever mess you make, you clean up. However the girls have changed it to whatever mess you make, you leave it.


Opposite from the kitchen is the living room. There are three large couches and a few tables around it for sitting and using the entertainment area but if you ask me, no one uses it. IMG_2661


Next to the living room is the laundry room which contains six washers and six dryers. The girls are split up into groups of five or six and have certain laundry days.


Next to the stairs, there is a study which contains many chairs and electrical outlets for the students to study.


Upstairs there are two long hallways that contain six suites on the left and four suites on the right.



In each suite there are two rooms for two students, four in the entire suite. In between each room there is a lounge shared amongst the four girls.There is also a bathroom in each suite, separating the two bedrooms. The bathrooms contain two showers, two sinks, four cabinets, and one toilet.


Taking a look inside the bedrooms they contain two beds, a wardrobe for each student, a long desk which can be separated by a bookshelf, and four drawers which have locking compartments.


And this completes the house! Nothing too fancy, nothing too dull, just enough to subdue the needs of forty girls from around the world.


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