Homecoming week


Maddi Anthony prepares to hurl a dodge ball at a poor, unsuspecting opponent.


Bear. Teddy Ruxpin? No, just Dakota dressed up for “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!” day.


Hope Cooper dashes across the line for another Freshman/Senior touchdown in the powder puff football game.


Hailey Leach and Taylor Kennedy rocking some great face paint for “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!” day.


Twins? May be. This is purportedly Morgan Moss and Charlie Niles as ghosts, chasing a hasting away Pac-Man, donned by Val Allen.

By: Ben Thomas

For many students, homecoming week is their favorite part of the year. During this week the students go all out.

For example, the students show school spirit and participation by dressing for the given theme for each day. In the past we have had Super-Hero day, Twin day, Camo day, Cowboy day, and Nerd day.

This year’s special theme was the Wizard of Oz. The theme days were:

  • Monday- “Which Witch is Which?” (Twin Day)
  • Tuesday- “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” (Animal Day)
  • Wednesday- “A Storm is Coming” (Stormy Colors)
  • Thursday- Tornado! (Wacky Clothing)
  • Friday- “Mum-chkin” (Mums and Garters)

This year, the school also had special activities almost every night of the week. Monday night there were organized dance lessons for the students on line-dancing and two stepping. On Tuesday night there was a bon fire and powder puff football for the ladies. Wednesday was a field day where the seniors set up stations and the students played the games. Thursday night the boys played in a powder-puff football game. Friday night was the homecoming game where the King and Queen were announced: Taylor Kennedy and Phillip Kitt were crowned and Saturday night was the homecoming dance; the dance was decorated as the emerald city.


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