Founder’s Day Weekend

By: Ben Thomas

Monday October 13th , Dr. Tony Evans is the guest speaker of Founders Day Weekend. On previous events we have had Michael W. Smith, Michael Reagan, and Mike Huckabee as a guest speaker for Founder’s Day.

Dr. Evans preaches at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, that has 10,000 members and 100 plus ministries, according to He formed the church in 1976. He is part of a men’s ministry, Promise Keepers. The ministry is to keep men pure, because if a father goes to church 93% of the family will follow. Dr. Evans was the chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Mavericks.

Dr. Evans went to Dallas Theological Seminary to earn his Doctorate in Theology. He serves on a Board of Incorporate Members at Dallas Theological Seminary. He is also an author, and a radio and television broadcaster, while his radio is very popular in the Christian media.

Founder’s day is a fund raiser for the school to buy tickets and listen to speakers

Dr. Tony Evans’ website:

Dr. Tony Evans’ radio:

Dr. Tony Evans’ church website:

To order tickets for the:


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