The Ebola Virus

By: Ben Thomas

You have probably read or seen about the Ebola Virus in the news.

Background: The Ebola Virus first appeared in 1976 in two outbreaks, Sudan and the Republic of Congo. It now is one of the most deadly viruses in West Africa. As of today, there have been confirmed cases of Ebola in Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.

How it Spreads: It spreads by human-to-human interaction and by animals. Bodily fluids from humans on objects such as door knobs, pencils/pens, phones, keyboards and computer mouses can spread the disease.

Ebola in America: Thomas Eric Duncan was the first Ebola patient in the U.S and so far the only death. Two healthcare workers have also contracted the illness and are under watch.

How to Fight the Spread: Washing your hands regularly with warm water and soap will help prevent the spread of Ebola. Alcohol based sanitizers are also good substitutes. Coughing and sneezing into your arms instead of hands helps against germs spreading, as well as not rubbing your eyes or mouth, etc.

Some think cancelling travel from West Africa will cut down on introducing more of the disease.

This is obviously a controversial subject right now, and I’ve only given a brief snapshot look at it. For now, our best course of action is to be familiar with the virus and how it spreads–to live not in fear but in awareness.


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