The Brook Hill International Students

By D.K Talifu

America is a diverse country. There are a lot of different people of different nationalities in America. More and more foreign students choose to study in America. So these students have a new name—international students.

Today, I will talk about some of The Brook Hill School’s international students. The Brook Hill School is in Bullard, Texas. It has six hundred students, with eighty international students that live the boarding house. They are from sixteen countries.

Ben Nguyen is from Vietnam. He is a senior and has studied at The Brook Hill School for three years. He has one younger brother who is thirteen years old. He is a member of the Brook Hill soccer team. His favorite thought is: “ Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.’’ He is working hard and never gives up. When he graduates he wants to go to UT Austin.

Monica Liang is from China and has been in America for three years. She is sixteen years old and an only child. I asked her: “Do you miss your family or your hometown?’’ She said: “Yes, I miss my family so much. During the Christmas holiday I will go back home. For environment, I like The Brook Hill School better because, you know Beijing is such a big city that very noisy, terrible traffic, too much pressure. But The Brook Hill campus is really quiet. It makes your heart peaceful and it’s easy to study.” She studies in America because she wants to go to a good university. She is a very smart girl whose favorite subject is English. She wants to go to New York University.

Edward Briggs is from Nigeria. Edward’s family has five children. He has one older brother and three younger brothers. He has studied in America for one year. His parents work for an oil company in Nigeria. Edward likes to work out and listen to rap music. He is a Christian and he loves the verse “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding.”—(Proverbs 3:5). We always call him Big Body, because he was a member of the Brook Hill football team and he is really strong and plays well.


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