Baby Albea

by Sarah Wegner and Janet Nwachukwu

Four and a half months on the way, can you imagine another Albea in this world? Around five weeks ago, Laura Albea found out she is pregnant with a boy!

So we took the time to sit down with the Albeas to discuss the little munchkin.

Though there is no evident weight gain, Mrs. Albea has already grown out of six pairs of jeans, and she has lost the button to one of her dress pants. “Four months,” she exclaimed when thinking about the growth in such a short period of time.

When asked what gender baby she wanted, first she said “Oh, it doesn’t matter, if I had a girl first it would be cool cause that way she could help me around the house, but if I had a boy first it would be like he is carrying the Albea name.”

The Albea family is very anxious for their first baby; they have already begun working on the baby’s nursery. They have a crib, dresser and a night stand. However, there is no theme at the moment because they’re waiting to get another ultrasound, to make sure this baby really is a boy.

Can you imagine how many photo-shoots this baby is going to have with a photographer father like Mr. Albea? This model baby’s mother is already run-way ready for the photo-shoots Mr. Albea and his sister in-law are preparing for the little one and mother.

Even though Mrs. Albea is only 4 ½ months into this pregnancy, she is already craving dairy products like whole milk and cheese. She has absolutely no problem sleeping at night; she still sleeps like an angel.

When discussing possible baby names the couple has yet to agree on a name: they do like the name Caleb but they still have many months to decide upon a name.

The Albeas and their extended family are very excited for this new blessing the enter to world and receive what God has in store for them next.


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