Chadwell: The Importance of a Kicker


Brook Hill’s kicker, Caleb Chadwell, played a tremendous game Friday, September 26 against Dallas Christian

When one thinks about a successful football team, he thinks about all the skill players, like the quarterbacks, receivers, running backs, and even linebackers.  One person that does not get enough credit is the kicker.

A kicker can make or break a team. Whether it is pinning a team with bad field position or making field goals, the kicker is a valuable part of any winning team.

Brook Hill is lucky. We have a great team. Our offense has no problem scoring and our defense has no problem stopping the other team. But our kicker gives us another advantage. Part of what makes our offense so good is the lack of pressure. We know that if we can get within 40 yards, our kicker, Caleb Chadwell,  is money and he will make 10/10 of his field goals.

Last Friday night we played Dallas Christian at their place. It’s hard to win at their field, and not many visiting teams do.

As a team we knew it would come down to execution. We knew that if we were going beat Dallas Christian, we had to take it one play at a time.

The Guard found the end zone twice, which isn’t terrible. But It’s not enough when playing a quality opponent. But we had a secret weapon. Chadwell.

Chadwell has a leg that is possibly golden. Chadwell went 3/3, all from at least thirty yards. Additionally, he made all his extra points. Chadwell came away with 11 points and what could have been a game winning tackle.

We beat the great team, Dallas Christian by 3. I credit Caleb Chadwell with the win. Without him, we aren’t nearly as good of an offensive or defensive team. With Chadwell behind the ball, the pressure is off.

You hear about the quarterbacks and running backs, and even the linebackers, but the kicker just doesn’t get enough credit. The kicker can win the ballgame for you. Ours did.


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