Junior Trip

By Parker Clark

Monday, September 15th, the buses were bound for Texas A&M University. It took about three hours. When we arrived the bus driver took a wrong turn and had to use his precise driving to get us out of a hairy predicament. Eventually we got to where we were supposed to be and were greeted by our tour guide. Our tour guide quickly informed us that when you walk by a fellow aggie student, you are expected to say “Howdy,” and proceed on by. We toured the campus which was very nice. We were taught about many aggie traditions and old aggie ways. All around, Texas A&M was a great experience and I think that many of our Brook Hill friends would fit in well as an Aggie.

After touring an amazing university, we were on the road and headed for San Antonio. The trip was filled with some intelligent and opinionated conversations but also some conversations that should never been brought up again. We rolled up to the hotel and unloaded our bags and went to our rooms. Of course by this point the whole dang class was starving, so everyone turned in their hotel room keys and went to the Riverwalk. On the Riverwalk, there were a ton of options for dinner. The group I was running around with couldn’t find a place we wanted but we eventually settled for Rainforest Café. (Let me tell you, the nachos are great). After dinner, we had about 30 minutes to spare so we just wondered around.

When we got back to the hotel at around ten, everyone was exhausted. At 11, it was lights out, lockdown. We caught some Z’s.

Day two came bright and early. We ate a great breakfast then double checked our rooms to make sure we hadn’t left anything behind. Everyone loaded the bus and we were off to Texas State. When we arrived, we saw that it was a beautiful campus.

The tour went great and I think a couple of my fellow students decided that Texas State might be the college for them.

Loaded up and bound for the University of Texas, the conversation were way deeper than they should have been, especially on Chuck’s Travel Charter bus.

UT was a beautiful campus. Everything was very nice and the facilities were super. We were taught a lot of crazy stuff about UT traditions and even about their mascot, Beevo. But it was super hot and when the tour was over and it was time to go inside to talk about application, everyone was relieved. Just like the rest of the application meetings, it was super boring.

After talking about enrollment, we headed to the Book Store, and on the way we saw why they say “Keep Austin Weird.” Because Austin is WEIRD.

After UT, we went and ate, then went to Austin Park where we played laser tag and many other fun games. Coach Joe brought his Navy combat skills into the laser tag game and wore us out.

We shut it down early that night and hit the hay around 12. Baylor was next and everyone was excited.

When we got to Baylor it was obvious how nice it was. They had a lot of pride and loved saying “Sic ‘em.” We were shown everything that made Baylor an elite school in an amazing country. The school mascot is a bear so of course they had bears on campus. The bears had their own habitat and were just relaxed around. By the time we had seen the campus, we were starving. The food at Baylor wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the best of course. When we were all stuffed, it was time to hit up the bookstore. Being from Brook Hill everyone loves Baylor so they loaded down in fan gear. After about thirty or forty minutes, it was time to head home. This time we would be heading back to Brook Hill.

The bus ride was boring coming from Waco. There’s nothing. Just flat, open area. After about a three hour bus ride we had made it home.

This college trip was the first I’ve been apart of as a student of Brook Hill. I had a blast and it opened my eyes and showed me that college is just around the corner. I still haven’t quite made up my mind on where I would like to attend college, but this helped me start my decision.



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