Follow the King

By: Dakota Gillespie

Wednesday morning at around 9:45am, I began to watch the lower school’s chapel. The lower school was performing a play, so I thought to myself “Oh, easy story; not much work.”

However, I was wrong. The play told the audience the fifth step in the Guard Charge (Follow the King), and how exactly they were to follow it. While I was watching the kids act out these scenes, I was astonished! These little kids were acting out scriptures in a way that I’ve never seen before.

The play had scenes from the book of Luke and verses from throughout the Bible. Two scenes in particularly had a major impact on me.

In the first scene, a servant owed the king a lot of money. But the servant had no money, so the King forgave the servant of his debt out of kindness. After the servant had been forgiven, he was dismissed. The servant left the King’s presence and went into town. As he was walking along, a friend of his crossed paths with him. The servant remembered that his friend in owed him money. Furiously the servant grabbed the man by his robe and yelled “Give me my money!” But the man had no money to repay him. Oblivious to the turn of events, the servant threw his friend in prison. The King heard about what was happening and summoned his servant. The King asked, “I forgave you of an enormous debt, but you imprisoned a man over a few coins?!” The servant had no response and was thrown into prison. The servant’s friend was released and the curtains closed. This scene was made to show everyone in the audience to forgive others, just as you have been forgiven.

In the second scene a man was robbed and beaten. The man survived the beating, but was badly injured. As people would walk down the road next to him, he would call out to them. But to no avail; they would not help him. One stranger helped him bandage his wounds and took him to an inn. Here the stranger paid the innkeeper to look after the man, and departed. In this scene, the kids demonstrated how to “love thy neighbor as thyself”. In my view, this was an excellent play because  though it was based on the scriptures, gave me a better idea of what it means to be a true Christian and how to “Follow the King”.


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