Catching up on Humanities 10

By Sarah Wegner

Over the last few weeks in Humanities 10, we have been reading the gospel of Luke. During the course of reading this chapter we were assigned to make a short film over one of the parables and stories we found interesting. In our film, we have to add an additional plot with one or more new characters so the audience can fully understand the meaning of the story.

After Mr. Moore, our teacher, finished explaining, he assigned us into groups of four or five and we got to work.

My group includes a mixture of boarding students and day students, so it is a great way to meet new people as we get our work done.

As a group we all decided the storyline, the last supper. Together we came up with a great additional plot we could add to the last supper.  This includes, Jesus being late to the supper because he sees a crippled man crossing and stops to heal him. We are also throwing in a little flash back from when Judas betrayed Jesus and told the Pharisees his location.

So far, everyone has turned in their final copy of the script and should be well on their way to editing the video because it’s due this Friday!


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