Saving Goldfish

By Sarah Wegner

In Australia, a 10 year old goldfish named George developed a tumor and the owner did something others would think is extreme. She decided to take the fish in for surgery.

George was having trouble eating and swimming and that’s when the owner noticed that something was wrong.

George, the goldfish!

George, the goldfish!

A tumor was discovered when she took George to Lorts Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. The surgery was done by the head of exotic wild life, Dr. Tristan Rich.

The surgery cost about $200, the same amount one would pay to operate on a dog or a cat or any species in general.

As we all know, before humans go into surgery they get shots or medicine to knock them out. Likewise, they had to drug George before going into preparation.  To do this, doctors put him in a tank of water mixed with anesthetic to put him out.

As soon as George was sleeping, Dr. Rich put a tube through his mouth reaching his gills to clean out the anesthetic water mixture and give him an oxygen flow. After 45 minutes of critical work, he then removed the tumor and sealed the incision with four stiches.

At the end of the surgery, George was given painkillers and put into a clean tank with pure water for a few days. According to BBC news, vets say that he is expected to live up to 20 more years.

The surgery went well and George got back on a normal eating routine and is swimming better than ever!


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