By Parker Clark

In spite of hydrating all week in preparation for the first game of the year, coming out of the locker room to start the second half of the Edgewood game I started catching cramps all throughout my legs. I knew this wasn’t good. I walked out with Coach K, our trainer, and she instructed me on how to walk and what to do to get rid of these terrible cramps. Nothing seemed to work.

I tried to play but when I would go in, I would cramp up and have to come out. I was so mad. I was soon laid up on the sideline with the worst cramps I’ve ever experienced. Coach K would get one rubbed out and another cramp would occur in the other leg. I pretty much sat out the entire 3rd quarter with the exception of a few plays. Mrs. Hubbard gave me a cup of pickle juice which would have helped but pickle juice doesn’t relieve cramps instantly. Eventually, but not instantly.

Coach K came out of nowhere and told me she had mustard on the way. Mustard? I don’t do mustard. I hate it! But when she said it would relieve the cramps instantly, I was all in. I help up a bottle of Heinz mustard and squirted a big gob of it in my mouth. I chased it down with some water, fighting the urge to throw up.

When the quarter was over I realized that I wasn’t cramping. The mustard really worked. I played the rest of the game and was fine.

I had never heard of mustard helping cramps but after Friday night, it’ll be my first option when it comes to getting rid of cramps.


2 thoughts on “Cramps

    • Thank you for the information. We hope our readers and football players will keep this in mind when working out. Thank you for your readership!
      ~Parker Clark and Bailey Bickerstaff

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