Day in the life of a Boarding Student

By Sarah Wegner

You probably think that life at a boarding school is just like in Harry Potter or Zoe 101.

It’s not.

In fact, life at a boarding school is several times harder than what Hogwarts and PCA really are.

photo (2)

A look at a room in the girls boarding house.

The day normally consists of waking up at 6:30 to shower, finish homework or just get ready for breakfast, which is served at 7:45 a.m.  in the Commons. They mostly serve pancakes, eggs, sausage, and usually have many choices of cereal. Breakfast is the only meal that isn’t mandatory for the boarding students.

After breakfast the schedule is just like a day student’s schedule throughout the day, although senior boarding students can go home for lunch and study hall.

After H block everyone normally goes home, changes, then makes a snack. On Fridays our house parents will make us cookies, muffins, or brownies. After the snack we migrate upstairs to start homework because there is nothing better to do.

Since we are boarding we must connect to school Wi-Fi. The technology department blocks everything from Skype, Netflix, face time, Facebook, instagram, twitter and basically anything a normal teenager would do. This is for our safety and so we go to sleep on time, Monday through Thursday. Friday through Sunday they unblock Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat, Facebook, and all that fun stuff but since there are 80 people on Wi-Fi it you have to use it wisely.

For dinner we have to meet with our house parents to sign in at 6:00 pm and if we are late it deducts house points for your team. There are a total of 80 boarding students and each is divided into 20, so sort of like the Hogwarts system. This is the system on which we decide on which team dose chores that week.

We all have to go to study hall at 6:30 p.m. which is also mandatory unless you have a pass or you are on the honor roll. You can earn a pass is by having good room checks or showing leader responsibilities. Your room check score and the number of times your parent actually checks your room determines the amount of passes you can get.


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