Chicago’s happy trip

By D.K. Talifu  Are you curious about the most interesting thing in Chicago? Let this Brook Hill high school journalist show you.

Chicago is in the middle of America, near Lake Michigan, and is the third largest city in the USA.  A group of Brook Hill students traveled to Chicago during SPARC week (Spring Potential and Reality Courses) last year. The leader of group was the drama teacher, and the group contained twenty students. The students that went on the trip were between 15 to 18 years old.

The trip’s purpose was to learn and see the different scenery of Chicago in March of 2014. Our leader took us to Millennium Park, a culture and entertainment center. It’s near the shores of Lake Michigan. Millennium Park is the biggest park in Chicago, including other state parks and cover an expansive area of land. It’s a fantastic public place, widely known and loved within the citizens of Chicago. The picturesque buildings, green grass, and blue sky looked like a beautiful oil painting. Across form Millennium Park lies the Sears tower, the third tallest building in Chicago. All of these make landmarks make up the grand sight of Millennium park.

Mid-afternoon, we concluded our visit to Millennium Park. However, we all thought that Millennium was Chicago’s best place.


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