Brook Hill vs Edgewood

By Parker Clark While two a days were miserable, the heat was killer, and practice was boring, it all came down to this. Friday night lights: Brook Hill vs Edgewood. The sky a light overcast so the temperature was cooler than expected.

At 5:30 p.m. the kickers and snappers went out to stretch and warm up. Not long after stretching, the rest of the team came out to warm up. We went through our defense, what to run in every situation. We then went through offense and made sure everybody knew their job on every play. After we had gone through every situation possible, we went back to the locker room to rest and hydrate. At game time our team filed out of the locker room to head to the field. We sang the National Anthem and soon it was time for kickoff.

We lined up. Jacob Dumesnil kicked the ball and the 2014 football season was underway. The first half of the first quarter the Guard played rather sloppy: we had miscommunications that cost us touchdowns and penalties that took away turnovers and big stops. It was definitely not the way we wanted to start.

Finally, we got going playing real Guard football. We were down 14-0 but that didn’t slow us down. We finally scored to make the score 14-7. We played well the rest of the first half, making some huge stops on defense and some great plays on offense. We had won the half.

Soon,the second half was underway. The Guard never lost the lead, and we played well as a team . Come out to a game and watch one of the upsets of the year!



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